LUNCHEON PRESENTATION: Achieving Extended Enterprise Supply Chain Maturity within a Clinical Supply Environment 
Tuesday, February 19th | 12:45PM

Oliver Cunningham
Director, Client Enablement
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Clinical supply chains are well known to be immature within the industry, and some way behind their commercial counterparts. This session will explore the different stages of evolution within clinical supply chains, and some key indicators to enable you to determine the level of maturity your company is at.


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TABLE BREAKOUT: What Is Holding Back the Adoption of eConsent?
Tuesday, February 19th | 4:15PM

Jeff Lee
President, eCOA & Patient Engagement
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  • Is eConsent for every trial? Discuss when eConsent is or isn’t appropriate
  • Understand IRB and regulatory feedback on the eConsent process
  • Discuss how eConsent technology integrates with other systems
  • Review a typical implementation timeline and how it impacts all stakeholders
TABLE BREAKOUT: Strategies for Patient-Centric Trial Design and Digital Patient Engagement
Tuesday, February 19th | 4:15PM

T. Hephner
Vice President, Patient Engagement
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  • What are current digital patient projects gaining traction, engagement pilots, new technologies, the role of patient communities?
  • What is a complete digital patient experience? What is required to make this a reality for all trials?
  • What are we getting right and what are we getting wrong as we re-align our processes and our research organizations around the patient-centric model?
LUNCHEON PRESENTATION: The Secret to Unlock Adoption of eClinical Solutions
Thursday, February 21st | 1:25PM

Jeff Lee
President, eCOA & Patient Engagement
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Technologies such as eConsent and ePRO are well-known by many researchers and have many case studies demonstrating their value. And yet, they are still used by a minority of studies. Why is this? This session will explore some hidden opportunities that lead to higher adoption of eClinical technologies. This session includes an open discussion format, so please bring all your thoughts and concerns on this topic!
CO-PRESENTATION: Creating a Connected Patient Engagement Platform through Innovative Digital Approaches
Wednesday, February 20th | 9:20AM

Carolyn Brehm
Associate Director, BMS Study Connect Business Lead
Bristol-Myers Squibb

Through global expansion and innovative digital approaches, BMS has created an industry-leading patient engagement platform dedicated to increasing clinical trial awareness, participation and engagement. BMS Study Connect is a comprehensive clinical trial resource for patients and caregivers to learn about and find clinical trials, and connect with others. The platform delivers an experience that empowers patients, provides transparency, and supports patients and caregivers before, during and after a clinical trial.