DIA was last week and it was a whirlwind of industry chats, networking and knowledge. From GDPR to patient-engagement, the hottest trial topics were shared and addressed with thousands leaving the conference with ideas to innovate and improve their clinical trials.

We had a lively booth, sharing our expertise in eCOA and eConsent with anyone who stopped by. We participated in sessions on industry trends and chatted along the side lines with eClinical innovators.

7 Tweet-worthy Teachings from DIA 2018

1. Worry less about GDPR as, typically, electronic informed consent is GDPR compliant since you are collecting explicit opt-in from participants. 
2. Loss of personal touch (connection) in remote trials can become a barrier to trial participation. So, finding a balance between virtual and in-person is key. 
3. Virtual trials are coming to the forefront of the industry as ~70% of US patients live over 2 hours from their local site. 
4. The potential use of gaming technology can allow for better objective measures in clinical trials. 
5. Incorporating the right mobile technology in your trial from continuous glucose monitors to smart phones ensure the patient is at the center and allows for multiple data sources for a more effective trial. 
6. In a patient-first trial, you must consider the wants and needs of patients before, during AND after the study. 
7. CRF Health has a proven eSource platform that integrates an industry proven eCOA solution with an award-winning eConsent solution.

Learning Doesn’t End When You Head Home

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Winners at Every Turn

Our week was action-packed with hundreds of guests stopping by our booth to try out our eSource Solution station where they could walk through our TrialMax and TrialConsent eSource solutions. Test out the screens and see the features at the simple swipe of a finger.  We saw a consensus of people ready to take the next steps in their eSource journeys – from preparing for eConsent to optimizing eCOA.

Are you ready to test out TrialMax and/or TrialConsent yourself? Schedule a free consultation by completing the form above.

We literally gave out over 1,000 prizes at our Wicked Wheel. A spin-it-to-win-it type of challenge at our booth.

We want to send some special congratulations to our three champions - Julia, Karen and Maria - who spun to win our top prize a mobile-health tech bundle filled with the latest fitness technology.

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